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Intertops Poker

Poker Freeroll Tournaments

We have several categories available to help you find the Poker Freeroll you are looking for.

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Freerolls by Poker Network or Poker Room

Intertops Poker - USA Welcome, but no play from Kentucky - Satellite Freerolls Daily plus random $500 Freerolls.

Are Poker Freerolls Really Free?

The answer is yes, they are free to play. Sometimes, freerolls do have a rebuy and add-on option for a small fee.

There are different types of freeroll poker tournaments. The first type we are going to talk about is the basic Prize Pool Freeroll. This freeroll has a stated prize pool and pays out cash money to the winning players. Rules for cashing out money from freerolls varies from poker room to poker room, so check the terms and conditions for the room you are playing. Some poker rooms may ask that you you make a set number of "points". Points can be easily achieved at "ring games" or "tables".

The next type of poker freeroll we are going to explore is the satellite freeroll. Many poker rooms offer freeroll satellite tournaments. In this type of freeroll, you need to "place" to be included in the main tournament or another leg of the satellite series. Often the satellite is to a freeroll with a nice prize pool.

The last type of freeroll is the points freeroll. For this freeroll you need to redeem the required amount of "Poker Points" to enter. Prizes vary from cash to seats to other tournaments.

Have fun playing poker freeroll tournaments. They are a great way to build your bankroll without risk.