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Blue Lizard Poker Room?

Back when The Blue Lizard Lounge began in 2003, we were approached by someone from PokerBlasters (a division of Golden Palace group) asking if we would like them to create a poker room for us absolutely free of charge. It sounded great, however we did not realize that we had no control over it whatsoever and it was basically an affiliate link in the form of a poker skin.

I must say, it was pretty cool at that time to have a poker room with our name on it, but very frustrating when complaints and questions started showing up online about Blue Lizard Poker Room and we had no power to fix or address anything.

That isn't the quite the end of it. Instead of contacting us about the closing of Blue Lizard Poker Room, it appears they just let it go. It would have been nice to have the opportunity to purchase the domain name. sigh

Live and learn.

About The Blue Lizard Lounge

A cool blue oasis for the gambler in all of us. Where being a lounge lizard is still an art form. Whether you're a recreational gambling guppy, or a seasoned and serious whale, The Blue Lizard Lounge has what you need to inform and amuse.

Our Purpose

To direct players to only safe online gambling sites. To interact and help players in whatever ways we can.

Being online gamers ourselves, we were tired of being directed to unsafe sites. We felt it was ridiculous to go to the trouble of registering and playing at an online gambling site who has absolutely no intention of paying you. So, The Blue Lizard Lounge was created to bring you only trusted online gambling sites. Whether it be poker, bingo, casinos, or other games, you will only find tried and true gambling sites here.

The Blue Lizard Lounge does not list gambling sites that we feel are unsafe or unproven.

As far as affiliate organizations, we were members of one of the large ones, but due to our not agreeing with some of their "certified" programs, we asked that our membership be deleted. It appears that it has not been removed yet.

Our Forum

We do not tolerate cheaters at our forum. So, if you are a poker password sharer, a member of a password sharing forum or sign up for multiple accounts to receive bonuses, you will not be welcome at The Blue Lizard Lounge forum.

Some feel the forum is "elite". If "elite" means fair, then I guess we are. We don't generally edit posts unless they contain affiliate links, email address or personal info (to protect you). We have no problem with negative posts, even about our sponsors. We do not take sides for the gambling site/sites or the player. We base decisions purely on researched facts and the site/sites will have opportunity to respond.

Our forum is a bit unusual, as forum boards are named for "Lounge Singers". For example, the board where you can find Blue Lizard Lounge Private Tournaments is called "The Tony Bennett Room". Not to worry, they also have sub-titles, so hopefully you won't get lost. If you have any trouble, don't be afraid to ask. We don't bite (hard).

We do not require a certain number of posts for you to participate in Blue Lizard specials, such as poker freerolls, free casino money and free bingo money. It is required for you to post your table name for Blue Lizard Lounge poker freerolls.