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The Survivors Guide To Posting In The Gambling Forums

It's a tricky business, trying to decide which one(s) to join. So many to choose ones spring up daily like ditch weed after the cows have been moved to another pasture. Sit back, relax, and your friendly neighborhood Swampwitch will guide you through the different sorts of portals and forums that want your, I mean....membership......

I like to divide the different kinds of gambling forums informally into three categories.....The Big Boards, The Sport Boards, and The Small Boards. It's also completely innacurate to describe them like this, by the way. Some of the Big Boards are fast becoming vacant, vapid wastelands. Some of the Small Boards are on the verge of becoming Big Boards. Some of the Sports Boards also shill for casinos. And almost all of the boards have some sportsbooks advertised. So, if this way of dividing them is so unscientific, why do I bother to divide them up? Because it's easier for me, that's why. Deal with it.

By the way, none of the boards I'm about to describe will be mentioned by name. My opinions of some of these places should NEVER be misconstrued as either endorsement or condemnation of said boards. You'll make up your own minds soon enough when you join them, believe me.


There are some boards that have been around since the dawn of least since the dawn of online gambling. What makes these boards "big"? Almost all of what I call The Big Boards have found a special extra added "something" that has made each one unique unto the others.....filling a need that the others don't.

One such board touts itself as an online gambling "watchdog". The owner, an expatriot American who now lives overseas, has been extremely successful in helping players with disputes with casino operators. He's quite famous for this, and it is almost impossible to find anyone who's been gambling online for any length of time who hasn't heard of him. Every kudo he has recieved for helping players is well-deserved. Don't get me wrong....he's also in it for the money. He advertises and promotes the casinos he doesn't consider "rogue".

His ego matches his success. He regularly bans posters who either disagree with a stand he has taken on certain casinos, or who may take up the cause of an individual forum owner he despises. Whom does he despise? At a glance.....casinos who don't respond to him just because he is who he is.....banner farms.....affiliate managers who are successful, outspoken, and female....non-college graduates who dare start their own online gambling site...people who don't drive cars fancy and expensive enough to show how successful they are.....people who challenge him when he's wrong. Luckily, he has some members who think he's as godlike as he does. While most of the posters there are seasoned, well-spoken, knowledgeable gamblers, a few can only be described as kool-aid drinkers (notice the lack of caps), who take every utterance by him as absolute law.

Ego is a driving force at any successful big board. Another such place has found a niche with some very clever marketing of the casinos it represents. The owner, a very funny and savvy Australian, uses games for points that can be converted to casino bonuses as his shtick. His members are for the most part, slavishly loyal. No board gives out more bonuses to it's members.

He is also one to ban people for disagreeing with him. First though, he will give that person a tongue-lashing both humiliating and permanent. To be fair, some people have found a way to cheat his point system, and claim bonuses undeserved. When caught, they are dealt with swiftly. He also has a small staff who are well-nigh brilliant marketers and/or technicians.

Another of the big boards has managed to alienate itself from the others with outspoken, sometimes offensive behaviour, language, and attitude. It's members are regularly banned from the other big boards, along with it's owners. These people take no prisoners in their opinions, and are often ostracized for it. They are also some of the most successful online casino reps in the business. Egotistical, loud, obnoxious, crude......and big fun.

Another forum is owned by a well-known scoundrel. He owns several casinos, and at one time was accused of cheating an entire country's players.....a bit more on this rascal later in this article.

The other big boards are all variations on the themes described above. In my humble opinion, of course.


Okay, right off the bat here I must admit that I'm not a sports gambler. I don't know a 3-team parlay from a rat's butt. I do however peruse those boards when I know I'm going to be going to a land-based horse or dog track, to see if I can pick up some tips. Many of these boards also have special forums for casino gambling, making them a useful tool for me at times.

One such board can only be described as "The National Enquirer of Online Gambling Forums". The style is tabloid, through and through. The most popular feature of this place, aside from the forum itself, is the section with the latest international pin-up girls. Being female and straight, that bit annoys me. However, as with everything else in life, sex sells. Another niche conquered. This forum has some of the best, most well-informed posters on the net. I know quite a few people who check this forum first before betting on any team.

Recently, a scandal erupted that this forum took head on. A female forum owner had a tryst with a casino affiliate big deal. Questions arose about personal account information being passed to said forum owner. The account holders went to this sport forum owner for help to get to the bottom of this. He managed to procure an interview with the scoundrel mentioned above. Instead of focusing on the allegations of shared player information, the interview turned into a sad and sorry attempted at salacious entertainment, focusing almost solely on the tryst between two consenting adults. And the scoundrel's solution? He referred to the female forum owner as "that person", and the affiliate manager as his friend, and took his questionable casinos from the female forum owner's site. If there was ever a question that the world of online gambling was at times a "good old boys" club, it was answered then. More on THAT, later......


Here folks we have the exception to the rule about the "good old boys" club. By and large, the owners, administrators, and moderators of the small boards are ALMOST all female. Many were started as a way to make extra money for gambling online. Many have become wildly successful, while others are there one day, gone the next.

The big boards laugh at the little boards. They are viewed as silly little female communities with no real merit. Can you smell the testosterone?

The small boards are mighty in numbers, and mighty in membership. Very few gambling whales find their way there......but guppies are plentiful and they spend money like water. Each board has a theme, each board has it's own kool-aid drinkers, and each board has it's own special niche.

One of the criticisms heaped upon the small boards is it's predilection for the phenomena known as "board wars". Because each of these small boards is also a small community, or even "country" if you will....skirmishes do abound. Most of these wars are variations of the original war between the two most successful small boards of their time. Personal information was obtained, local real-life authorities were called with wild allegations, disgruntled former employees with axes to grind let out things told in confidence......the proverbial excrement hit the fan big and bad.

Board wars, however, are NOT exclusive to the smaller boards. The above mentioned bigger boards have their share, believe you me. The small boards are excellent starting off places for the new online gambler. Each board has it's own casinos they promote, and each board runs contests for free money to play in those casinos. Winning one of those contests is an excellent way to find a casino you'd like to put your hard earned money into. The sense of community these boards offer can sometimes be a source of great comfort, as well.

That sense of community is also a double-edged sword. It's becoming easier and easier to attain a loss of self online. Too much personal attachment to any online community at the expense of real life relationships and priorities is a dangerous thing.

SO..... WHAT NOW?????

You've read my gambling forums vague little overview, and now you can't think of one damned good reason to join ANY of them. Am I telling you not to join? Am I warning you against this whole incestuous melange? Nope.....

Each gambling forum is a useful tool for you to figure out where to put your gambling dollars. Each and every one of the forums I've mentioned above has merit and substance.

The only warning here is......remember....the gambling forums are run by human beings, not omnipresent entities who know all, see all, create all. Human beings who are just as flawed, just as opinionated, just as dense, just as smart, as all of you. No better, no worse. Take what they say, put your tongue in your cheek, and hope for the best. And that includes anything I tell you, as well.

Remember when you join these places, and you begin your posting odyssey, to try very hard not to hurt anyone intentionally. Gamblers need the MOST karma points.